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Welcome to Cross-Tech Manufacturing

Cross-Tech Manufacturing, Inc. is a Minnesota based company, located in Crosslake, MN. Cross-Tech offers a wide variety of metal works design and engineering services.

Our primary product is a rotary brush cutter known as Brush Wolf. Brush Wolf supports both heavy duty brush cutting and mulching, while unsurpassed in terms of construction, reliability, and safety. Brush Wolf cutters are custom designed by Cross-Tech's engineering team for both compact and full size excavators. The construction and design is manufactured with materials sourced to hold up in the toughest conditions and environments. We are driven to lead the pack and have high-standards to source the best materials, develop industry leading technology and benchmark our products performance to ensure you with consistent quality. The power of Brush Wolf makes an impact on the most demanding jobs cutting through dense forest and thick brush. Brush Wolf's excavator mounted brush cutters will cut brush on river banks, lakeshore's, swampy area's and hill sides where a skid steer can't go.

Brush Wolf's application is unique in that Brush Wolf will mount on all skid steer type utility machinery. We offer over 25 models with options to ensure you get the performance from your operating equipment. Cross-Tech has an option to run on skid steers, mini-utility loaders, excavators, and backhoe loaders. We have a model to fit your application, equipment and standards. All of our models come fully equipped with hoses, couplers, and gearbox seal guard.

Dual cutting blades, powered by a powerful and proven hydraulic system, will cut saplings, brush or trees from 2" to options for up to a maximum of 8" in diameter while continuing to chop and mulch.

At Cross-Tech Manufacturing, Inc., safety is first. Our engineers and manufacturing staff design and construct Brush Wolf to be as safe as Brush Wolf is rugged.

Let us provide you with a brush cutter that fits your skid steer, excavator and backhoe loader.


Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to contact us or one of our distributors if you have any questions.

Exclusive Warranty

Every Brush Wolf is built tough, easy to maintain, and backed by our exclusive warranty. You can count on years of hard work and top performance from the only cutter versatile enough to run through everything from tall grasses to the heaviest forests. Year after year, your Brush Wolf will give you smooth, clean cuts even where other machines can't hack it.

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