The 42X tackles brush up close and personal.


Introducing the new Brush Wolf 42X for your mini excavator or backhoe loader. Designed with a piston motor to increase motor efficiency with quicker recovery time, runs cooler and without cavitation on shutdown. With the faster recovery time you will snap through brush quickly and accelerate your job completions. The open sides of the 42X expose the blades and destroy brush at impact. Efficiency improvements abound. You will clear dense brush and saplings up to 3″ in diameter with the long-lasting high tempered steel blades. A vented hood improves drive-train protection. The primary auxiliary hydraulic flow required is between 14 – 23 gallons per minute at the cutter head. Hanger, pins and chain guards are sold separately, and on a per request basis.

The small size easily maneuvers in tight spaces at a job site, around buildings, fence lines or on your property. Cross-Tech engineers each cutter with the correct hydraulic motor to achieve the highest torque available while maintaining a proven blade tip speed ideal for your operating equipment. Three year warranty on the structural steel and 18 months on the hydraulic motor.

Brush Wolf Excavator 42X Model

Powerful and reliable the 42X is designed, fabricated, powder coated, and assembled in Crosslake, Minnesota. Brush cutters hangers, hanger pins and chain curtain are priced separately upon request. The optional chain guard can be purchased for one or both sides of the brush cutter (chain curtain weight 36 lbs/each) – they are used to reduce debris discharge if cutting near roadsides or homes. The chain curtain weight is in addition to the 710 lbs for the brush cutter. Hanger pins are not included but can be quoted on a per request basis. Each model comes standard with hoses, couplers and dust caps. The dust caps have been added to improve motor life by decreasing possible contamination.  Experience the performance from Brush Wolf products. Designed to exceed your expectations.

Product Manual Product Manual

Available Colors

Flat Black


Custom colors available for additional charge.


  • Operating Equipment: Mini Excavator/Backhoe
  • Max Cutting Capacity: 3"
  • Cutting Width: 42"
  • Weight: 710 lbs
  • Overall Length: 56.800"
  • Overall Width: 52.7"
  • Blades: (2) .500'' x 4.000" (High Strength, Updraft)
  • Blade Carrier Type: 1.000'' Disc
  • Blade Rotation: Counter Clockwise
  • Deck Thickness: .135"
  • Drive Protection: Pressure Reliefs
  • Hydraulic Hose with Protective Wrap: Standard 90" - Custom lengths available upon request
  • GPM - Mini X: 8-15 GPM
  • GPM - Mini X: 16-23 GPM
  • GPM - X: 8-15 GPM
  • GPM - X: 15-20 GPM
  • GPM - X: 21-25 GPM
42X Feature image

42X on CAT Clearing42X on CAT Clearing

Blade Carrier with Optional Chain Curtain AttachedBlade Carrier with Optional Chain Curtain Attached

Chain Curtains Bolted OnChain Curtains Bolted On

42X with hood open42X with hood open

42X Motor and Bearing Housing42X Motor and Bearing Housing

View with Bolt Holes for Optional Chain CurtainsView with Bolt Holes for Optional Chain Curtains

Dust Caps for Quick Disconnect Hose CouplersDust Caps for Quick Disconnect Hose Couplers

Optional Sides for Hose LocationOptional Sides for Hose Location

Chain Curtain OptionChain Curtain Option

Manufactured by Cross-Tech Manufacturing

ISO 9001 Certified