4800 LF – Low Flow

This versatile unit can run on a Skid Steer or Compact Utility Loader

4800 LF – Low Flow


The 4800 Low Flow Brush Wolf model is a versatile machine with the flexibility to run on a skid steer or a compact utility model. Check weight restrictions on your compact utility loader and the auxiliary hydraulic flow of Gallons Per Minute (GPM) rate to determine a match. The compact utility loaders requires a different pick-up plate from a standard loader. Inform your sales person if you want to run on a Compact Utility Model. Three years warranty on the structural steel and 18 months on the hydraulic motor.

Brush Wolf Compact Skid Steer Series

You’ll have exceptional performance because each Brush Wolf model has been engineered with the right motor and gearbox to optimize the full capacity of your operating equipment. Galvanized 5/16″ safety chains on the front and rear protect against flying debris and aid in mulching. The front chains are replaceable. A solid one piece of formed 3/16″ steel deck will stand up to your workload. Each Brush Wolf model is paired with the correct hydraulic motor and right angle gearbox to achieve the highest torque available from your equipment while maintaining a proven tip speed ideal for brush cutting applications. Power, performance and reliability are built-in. It is important to know the auxiliary hydraulic flow in gallons per minute, as well as the cutting diameter you’d prefer, which should be slightly wider than your loaders wheel base. The auxiliary hydraulic flow required for the Low Flow model is between 8 – 15 gallons per minute. You’ll find the right Brush Wolf model to make the most of your skid steers power with options available in: low flow, standard or high flow. You can count on Brush Wolf to handle your workload now and in the future.

All models are designed, fabricated, powder coated, assembled and tested in Crosslake, Minnesota. Each Brush Wolf model comes standard with hoses, couplers and gearbox seal guard included. Experience the power, performance and reliability from Brush Wolf products.

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  • Product Operating Equipment: Compact Utility Loader
  • Product Operating Equipment: Skid Steer Loader
  • Product Max Cutting Capacity: 3"
  • Product Cutting Width: 48"
  • Product Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow: 8-15 GPM
  • Product Weight: 678 lbs
  • Product Weight: 690 lbs
  • Product Overall Length: 60.000"
  • Product Overall Width: 49.750"
  • Product Blades: (2) .500'' x 4.000" (High Strength, Updraft)
  • Product Blade Carrier Type: 1.000" Bar
  • Product Blade Rotation: Counter Clockwise
  • Product Deck Thickness: .188"
  • Product Motor Protection: Pressure Reliefs
  • Product Drive Protection: GRD-2 Bolt (Shear Bolt)
  • Product Motor/Gearbox Coupler: Machined Steel
  • Product Operating PSI Cont./Int.: 3000/3500
  • Product GPM - SS: 8-10 GPM
  • Product GPM - SS: 10-15 GPM
  • Product GPM - CUL: 8-15 GPM
  • Product Use: Heavy Duty – rated from 3” to 6" brush dependent upon model

Manufactured by Cross-Tech Manufacturing

ISO 9001 Certified