6000X STD – Standard Flow

Boost Productivity in Land Clearing Projects

6000X STD – Standard Flow

The 6000X standard flow provides you with a 60″ cut, and the tempered blades will slash through saplings up to 4″ thick. The primary auxiliary hydraulic flow required for high flow is between 16 – 25 gallons per minute at the cutter head. Hanger and pins sold separately, and on a per request basis.

The X series is ideal for land clearing and maintenance of trails, river banks, hill sides, fire breaks, and around fences. The Brush Wolf performance-driven design will make the most of your equipment. Three year warranty on the structural steel and 18 months on the hydraulic motor.

Brush Wolf Excavator Series

It starts with the combination of pairing the correct hydraulic motor and right angle gearbox to achieve the highest torque available from your equipment while maintaining a proven tip speed ideal for brush cutting applications. Power, performance and reliability are built-in. It is important to know the auxiliary hydraulic flow in gallons per minute (GPM) and pressure available at the “stick” or end of the boom, as well as your machines weight restrictions. The weight of the cutter does not include the hanger. You’ll find the right model to make the most of what your excavator or loader backhoe has to offer with options available in: low flow, standard or high flow. You can count on the X Series to handle your workload now and in the future.

All Brush Wolf Rotary Brush Cutters are designed, fabricated, powder coated, and assembled in Crosslake, Minnesota. Brush cutters and custom hangers are priced separately. Hanger pins are not included but can be quoted on a per request basis. Brush Wolf products come standard with hoses, couplers and a gearbox seal guard. Experience the power, performance and reliability from Brush Wolf products. Designed to exceed expectations.

Product Manual Product Manual

Available Colors

Flat Black


Custom colors available for additional charge.


  • Operating Equipment: Excavator/Backhoe
  • Max Cutting Capacity: 4"
  • Cutting Width: 60"
  • Weight: 1,332 lbs
  • Overall Length: 74.800"
  • Overall Width: 63.250"
  • Blades: (2) .500'' x 4.000" (High Strength, Updraft)
  • Blade Carrier Type: 1.000'' Bar Welded to .313" Spun Formed Pan
  • Blade Rotation: Counter Clockwise
  • Deck Thickness: .250"
  • Motor Protection: Pressure Reliefs
  • Drive Protection: GRD-2 Bolt (Shear Bolt)
  • Motor/Gearbox Coupler: Machined Steel
  • Operating PSI Cont./Int.: 3000/3500
  • Hydraulic Hose with Protective Wrap: Standard 90" - Custom lengths available upon request
  • GPM - X: 15-20 GPM
  • GPM - X: 21-25 GPM
60" Brush Cutter Excavator

6000X Brush Cutter on CAT 315CL Excavator6000X on CAT 315CL Excavator

6000X Brush Cutter Rear View6000X Brush Cutter Rear View

6600X with Hanger6600X with Hanger

6000X Motor6000X Motor

6000X with Hanger6000X with Hanger

Manufactured by Cross-Tech Manufacturing

ISO 9001 Certified