Customer Testimonials

Hear how Brush Wolf customers are using their attachments to boost productivity

“Just a quick note to tell you about my Brush Wolf 7201 STD. I have been running this cutter for over a year and it is the best cutter I’ve ever put on my CTL.  The visibility is much better than any other cutter I’ve used and it does a great job keeping my trails through the woods clear.  It easily cuts through 4” diameter material.  It also leaves a very nice finish.  I highly recommend this cutter to anyone that asks what to buy.” 

     – Todd Carpenter

Jay provided photo’s, video and had this to say: “The 72 M-AX which I purchased last year is still going strong. I’m amazed on how well this machine was built. I’ve cleared close to 8 acres of solid brush and trees with no mechanical issues, just point the beast at the trees and go! You need to respect it. She’ll throw football sized logs better than any NFL quarterback.”

– Jay H. from Minot, ND

“Brush Wolf is mowing right through 25 years of growth”

– City of Alexander

“The 72 M-AX Brush Wolf is the top-of-the-line cutter head. Every finished job looks like I used a lawn mower.”

– T. Brown, T-ROX Fire & Mitigation Specialists

“It’s [DG84 Demolition Grapple Bucket] an indispensable tool. The uses are limitless; demo work, hauls large trees, handles heavy material, the forks provide a good grade, and easy to use. It comes with us to every job site, and saves us a ton of money.”

– Bob Erickson of Babinski Properties


“The Brush Wolf cutter is great for clearing vegetation.”

– R. V. –  Border Pacific Railroad

Clivan, a construction business owner, purchased his Brush Wolf 4800X ten years ago. He uses it on average 300-400 hours per year on the island of Maui. He sent us video footage that we put together. Here is what Clivan had to say about the 4800X: “This cutter has been a great investment and really reliable.”

– Clivan

Max has owned his Brush Wolf since 2005. He uses it to maintain over 1000 acres of pastures and woodlands. Max said: “The Brush Wolf chews up 3″ trees, handles prickly pear and mulches it all. Excellent for electric fence line.” Even though his Brush Wolf is left out in the Texas elements he has very limited maintenance.

–  Max from Texas

“Brush Wolf does a great job clearing fence lines and deer trails with heavy over growth.”

– WIll Hammond – Hunting enthusiast

A city using their Brush Wolf 4200X for the first time around a pond. The excavator is a CAT 308.

“Here is a few short videos of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Operations & Maintenance Division Road Maintenance Crew using their Brush Wolf brush cutter at 20 below zero clearing right of way along Point Mackenzie Road in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley located 50 miles north of Anchorage Alaska. We just love how your equipment holds up to the harsh climate and unforgiving terrain we have here and with over 1000 miles of road to maintain. We are constantly clearing brush and debris to help make the roadway safer and allow better visibility so drivers can see that next moose, bear or other big game standing in or crossing the roadway and allow time to react. The temps here are cold often times down to 30 to 40 below and colder. The Brush Wolf works flawlessly. It has held up to some tough abuse without any breakdowns and it handles the task with ease. No more long cold days bundled up with awkward heavy arctic gear and packing a heavy chainsaw in 3 feet of snow and ice. Now that we have our Brush Wolf, brush cutting attachment we can work comfortably all day long and do it lot safer while saving the taxpayers money because production has gone up 10 fold.

Thanks to Cross-Tech Manufacturing, my crew could not be happier or safer.”

– Mark of Matanuska-Susitna Borough
Operations & Maintenance in Palmer, Alaska

Butch uses a 6600 HF (High Flow) Brush Wolf and the DG-72 Grapple bucket in his clearing business. “The mulching is exceptional and the Brush Wolf requires very little maintenance, in fact none, except for changing blades. I’ve used my Brush Wolf at least an average of 1000 hours a season over three years.”

– Butch, site prep business owner

“I use it for the Farm to keep roads clear in areas that I cannot mow due to steep hill sides and ditches. The trees grow in the ditches and then encroach on the roads. I used to use a chain saw. The Brush wolf reduces the time to clear the trees and risk of getting hurt with a chain saw. It also cuts the trees into smaller pieces so I can leave them lay and not have to haul them out of the ditch.

The tool works well with my Cat 305 E and is easy to remove and attach keeping the excavator free to do other work.”

– Tom Walz

“Brush Wolf works well on thick brush on our property and trail clearing on an old logging road.”

– Roy Howard, British Columbia, Canada

“The Brush Wolf cutter is made tough and has good mulching capabilities.”

– Brent

“I have been using the Brush Wolf 72M-AX for a few months now and I have to say it has been amazing. So far I have cleared many acres of heavy brush with this cutter without issue. It seems the more aggressive you are with it, the better performance it has. It is extremely well built for the amount of abuse that it gets when clearing brush. I would like to also thank Jon Michael for great sales and service. From my initial inquiry about the cutter to now a few months into using it he has quickly followed up with me on any of my questions, kept me up to date on the order status during the build process, and now ensuring that I am completely satisfied with the cutter. I highly recommend the Brush Wolf 72 M-AX to anyone looking for a well-constructed, durable brush cutter.”

– Danny B. from Houma, LA

Christopher Leibeck

Christopher of Leibeck Farms owns and operates a dairy farm. He maintains over 5 miles of electric fence and has used a variety of methods to clear it. He feels he has found the right tool with his 6600 Brush Wolf brush cutter.

“I couldn’t be happier – saves me time and money.”

     – Christopher Leibeck


“The DG-72 Demolition Grapple Bucket has performed extremely well. We have not found a job it can’t handle. We used it to pull the end of large logs, about 36 to 40 through rough terrain without a single log slipping lose.”

     – Childers Contract Cutting

“Most of the weight is in the blade carrier providing the inertia and momentum to get through saplings and brush. We often work in remote areas and the entire job can be hidden. Trees may come into the equation, and the 72 M-AX has proven itself and cut through. If we had been required to stop the job to get a different tool it would have created costly delays and additional expenses.”

– Danny George of Midwest Easement

“I am very impressed with my mower. Works good here on the farm and in the woods.”

– Zach Lokburner (owner of a 72″ Brush Wolf)

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