192 Super M-AX

Super M-AX

The World’s Largest Hydraulic Rotary Brush Cutter at 16′

72 MAX

Extreme Duty 72 M-AX

The most aggressive Brush Wolf in the skid steer line-up. Extreme cutting force – recommended for commercial applications.

Unheard of three (3) year warranty on the structural steel.


4800X Excavator Model

The 4800X will handle the most demanding jobs and slice through overgrowth and saplings up to 4″ in diameter.

Unheard of three (3) year warranty on the structural steel.


6600 Series

Turn your skid steer into an incredible asset with 5-1/2 feet of brush clearing power.

Unheard of three (3) year warranty on the structural steel.


Model 9000

The dual motors and blade carriers make the 9000 a workhorse. Cuts an impressive 7-1/2 feet of brush and saplings up to 4″ in diameter.

Unheard of three (3) year warranty on the structural steel.


Introducing the 7201

The open front design of the 7201 will cut vegetation before the frame pushes the material over.

Unheard of three (3) year warranty on the structural steel.


4200 Compact Utility Model

Easily maneuvers through tight spaces at 42″ wide. The 4200 is tough and light weight with a surprising amount of power to mow brush and cut saplings up to 2″ in diameter.

Unheard of three (3) year warranty on the structural steel.

Expect More from a Brush Wolf

Whether you own a full size or a compact skid steer, excavator, backhoe loader or tractor, Brush Wolf has a model to suit your needs. The selection of operating equipment is vast, and so are the features offered. Our goal for the Brush Wolf attachments is to provide you with the best fit for your operating equipment. The best fit equates to working with the auxiliary hydraulic flow available on your machine.

By pairing the correct hydraulic motor and right angle gearbox we achieve the highest torque available while maintaining a proven tip speed ideal for brush cutting applications. That is why we offer over thirty models in either low flow, standard or high flow. Our certified welders use one piece of steel to form the deck. The motor and gearbox are pre-assembled on a one-half inch steel plate then welded to the deck for proper alignment. Experience the power, performance and reliability from Brush Wolf products.

The Leader of the Pack

Our product lineup is unmatched in the industry and is why we are the Leader of the Pack. Brush Wolf remains focused on innovation, and continual process improvement guided by our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Cross-Tech Manufacturing has been manufacturing attachments for over twenty years. We offer a three year warranty on the structural steel of our brush cutters for excavators, backhoes and skid steers. THREE YEARS! Unheard of in the industry. Our products are designed and built using cutting-edge technology. Materials are sourced from reliable partners to ensure our customers receive consistent quality.

Finally, and the most important, are the high standards we have set for every single Brush Wolf product in performance, reliability and durability. Our continued commitment is our attachments function at peak optimization for every customer.

See Brush Wolf cutters in action!

Brush Wolf 72 M-AX

Brush Wolf 6600

Brush Wolf 7201

Brush Wolf 4200

Brush Wolf 4800X

Demolition Grapple

Brush Wolf 192 & 144 Super M-AX

Brush Wolf is proud to offer the 192 [Design Patented] and 144 Super M-AX line of site prep tractor brush cutter attachments.

With 16′ and 12′ of cutting power respectively, the Super M-AX line of products clear large plots of land with ease.

With over 2000 hours of testing, these industrial attachments are designed to handle forestry applications, plantation management, right-of-way, roadway and utility clearing.

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Attachments Designed for All Types of Equipment

Cross-Tech Manufacturing manufactures and sells attachments for skid steers, loaders, mini skid steers, excavators, and backhoes from leading brands including:

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Manufactured by Cross-Tech Manufacturing

ISO 9001 Certified