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Glide through the roughest terrain, clearing brush quickly, leaving nothing left to burn or haul away.

Next-Level Attachments for Clearing Brush

It’s a walk in the park with Brush Wolf’s rotary cutters and mowers. These ultimate land-clearing machines turn backbreaking work into a quick and easy job, so you get it done right—the first time.

Clearing your land
will never be the same again.

Unrivaled for over two decades, our cutters are built tough to slice through unmanaged underbrush, overgrown brush, saplings, trees, shrubs, thick weeds, or simply unruly grass. And we don’t just cut it; we attack it. 

Brush Wolf has proudly built a rotary cutter for every brand of skid steer loader and for every budget, so you’ve come to the right place to find the best rotary cutter attachment. Let’s get started by deciding on the right deck style for you below.

Which deck style
is right for you?

Closed front brush cutters have a chain curtain that runs along the front of the deck, closing it off (thus the name “closed front”). Closed front cutters push vegetation down first before cutting it—keeping the cut material inside the machine longer. These types of cutters excel at clearing brush, weeds, undergrowth, saplings, and trees up to 5” thick.

  • Chain curtain holds debris in for enhanced mulching
  • Leaves a cleaner, more consistent finish
  • Smaller, more manageable debris is left-over debris
  • Safer as it prevents debris from flying out of the cutter

The ideal cutter if you’re…

  • Looking for a nice finish (parkland, pasture, golf course, recreational trails)
  • Clearing brush along buildings and fence lines

Open front brush cutters are built without a front chain curtain, so the blades are exposed to attack brush first before getting under the deck. Debris leaves the deck sooner, resulting in a quicker cut with less mulching and a rougher finish with larger pieces of debris left over. A front push bar has been added to push down trees and feed material into the cutter.

  • Destroys larger material quicker and easier
  • Cuts trees without pushing them over first
  • More aggressive and allows you to selectively cut vegetation
  • Easier to get thick, woody material into the cutter

The ideal cutter if you’re…

  • Focused on taking down larger trees and saplings and less on mulching
  • Looking to attack thick brush

Often imitated
but never duplicated.

Built tough, built for a lifetime

  • More structurally sound decks made from one piece thick steel
  • Added reinforced gussets and bracing for increased strength
  • Continuously welded deck for superior durability
  • Powder-coated finish for ultimate durability 

Easy to own and operate

  • Plug & play ready on delivery
  • Hydraulic hoses, quick-connect couplers, and dust caps included
  • Universal quick attach system for easy on and off
  • Easy blade access for quick blade changes
  • Parts are always available at or by calling 877-390-9857

Long-lasting blades

  • High-tempered, industrial-strength blades
  • Updraft lifts and mulches for a cleaner cut
  • Non-updraft cuts material quicker
  • Ultra-smooth blade carrier is CNC-balanced

Powerful motors

  • Compact, Standard, and Heavy-Duty cutters are built with the reliable Geroler-style hydraulic motor with a right-angle gearbox
  • The Extreme-Duty and ALPHA series comes with a more powerful radial piston motor and robust bearing housing

USA made, focused on community

  • Everything is designed, engineered, and built under one roof here in the USA
  • We support our local community through philanthropy and volunteering
  • We’re proud to partner with local colleges and mentorship programs to help build our industry’s workforce

Best warranty on the market

  • 5-year limited warranty on the cutter’s structural components, materials, and weldment
  • 1.5-year limited warranty on the hydraulic motor, gearbox, bearing housing, and cylinders

Ultimate cutter protection

  • Advanced pressure relief motor protection controls pressure spikes
  • Grade 2 shear bolt saves the motor from impacts
  • Higher flow models include case drains to reduce pressure fluctuations
  • Welded collar around the gearbox seal protects it from damage
  • Special protective wrap encases hydraulic lines for safety
  • Added dust caps ensure longer motor life by decreasing possible line contamination
  • Protective hoods or guards have been added to most models to shield the motor

Your safety comes first

  • Shields are perforated for protection and increased visibility
  • Chain curtains protect people and nearby structures from flying debris
  • Lift limit chains prevent the cutter from being lifting too high
  • Deflector plates on large cutters control the direction of discharged material
  • Non-slip safety steps for easy in and out

Expect More
from Your Hydraulic Rotary
Brush Cutter

If you own a full-size skid steer, mini track loader, skidsteer loader, compact track loader, or a walk-behind, Brush Wolf has a rotary cutter (mower, brush hogs, bush hog) to meet your needs. The selection of operating equipment is vast, as are the features offered on Brush Wolf’s cutters/mowers. Our goal for the Brush Wolf attachments is to provide the best fit for your operating equipment.

Each Brush Wolf brush cutter is designed to optimize the full capacity of your skid loader and achieve peak performance. Look at our cutters side-by-side with our competitors, and you’ll feel and see the difference. Experience the power, performance, and reliability of Brush Wolf rotary cutters, mowers, and hogs.

The Best Brush Cutter
Attachment for Your
Skid Steer

Our heavy-duty brush cutters are made to clear land for residential/commercial development, hunting trails/shooting lanes, farms, ranches, golf courses, hayfields, meadows, parks, pastures, pipelines, powerlines, recreational trails, roadway easements, fire breaks, and right-of-way maintenance. Brush Wolf hydraulic rotary cutters are used by landscaping companies, developers, counties, cities, utility companies, excavating companies, rental companies, and many others.

Brush Wolf strives to be the world’s best hydraulic rotary cutter manufacturer. Our goal has always been to ensure customers receive optimal machine performance and consistent reliability. Compare Brush Wolf products to our competitors and see why we’re known for our unsurpassed quality.

I have been running [the 7201 SF] cutter for over a year and it is the BEST CUTTER I’ve ever put on my machine. The visibility is much better than any other cutter I’ve used and it does a great job keeping my trails through the woods clear. It easily cuts through 4” diameter material. It also leaves a very nice finish. I highly recommend this cutter to anyone that asks what to buy.

– Todd Carpenter
7201 SF Owner

7201 low flow taking down tree
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