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When size matters, the Super M-AX is the most efficient way to clear land for pipelines, powerlines, roadway easements, and right-of-way maintenance.

Cover More Ground

Introducing the biggest, baddest hydraulic rotary brush cutter on the market for site prep tractors and industrial wheeled tractors. Imagine wiping out five acres of land in only an hour. Brush Wolf’s monstrous Super M-AX cutters do precisely that. These giants will expedite the site prep process and save you time and money. View the brochure.

The world’s largest hydraulic rotary brush cutter.

Everything on these cutters is massive—from the direct-drive bent axis piston motor to the robust 3.75” bearing housing.

The multiple blade carriers are built with two 5/8” steel discs that provide tremendous power and torque to devour brush and trees up to 8″ in diameter.

The Industrial-strength, reversible blades are 3x the strength of mild steel. Hydraulic hoses and couplers are custom fit for your machine and a technician is provided at your preferred location for set-up.

Choose Your Model

Cutting Width:  144”
Hydraulic Flow:  42-58 GPM
Max Cutting Diameter:  8”
Blades:  8 reversible blades
Cutting speed:  3.93 acres/hour
@ 3 MPH (depending on density)

With twelve feet of raw cutting power, the 144 Super M-AX is designed for forestry, farm management, pipelines, right-of-way, and utility clearing. Two piston motors drive the massive dual-blade carrier assemblies with eight flat blades three times the strength of mild steel.

Cutting Width:  186.75”
Hydraulic Flow:  65-85 GPM
Max Cutting Diameter:  8”
Blades:  12 reversible blades
Cutting speed:  5.24 acres/hour
@ 3 MPH (depending on density)

The first patented flex-wing brush cutter built for industrial, commercial, and forestry use. The 192 Super M-AX features two hydraulic retractable wings that lift for easy transport and maneuverability. Sixteen feet wide with twelve industrial-strength flat blades to clear land fast.

Often imitated
but never duplicated.

Built tough, built for a lifetime

  • More structurally sound decks made from one piece thick steel
  • Added reinforced gussets and bracing for increased strength
  • Continuously welded deck for superior durability
  • Powder-coated finish for ultimate durability

Ultra-rugged deck frame

  • One-piece steel deck frame with extra reinforced gussets
  • Powder-coated finish for longevity

Powerful motors

  • Parker® bent axis piston hydraulic motor
  • Pressure relief valves with case drain

Long-lasting blades

  • High-tempered, industrial-strength blades
  • Ultra-smooth blade carriers are CNC-balanced

Best warranty on the market

  • 5-year limited warranty on the cutter’s structural components, materials, and weldment
  • 1.5-year limited warranty on the hydraulic motor, gearbox, bearing housing, and cylinders

USA made, focused on community

  • Everything is designed, engineered, and built under one roof here in the USA
  • We support our local community through philanthropy and volunteering
  • We’re proud to partner with local colleges and mentorship programs to help build our industry’s workforce

Expect More
from Your Hydraulic Rotary
Brush Cutter

Site prep tractors are highly versatile machines that can speed up the preparation of the project site. Maximize their efficiency with Brush Wolf’s powerful brush cutter attachments. Ideal for forestry and roadway utility applications, the Super M-AX big hitters are built for site prep or industrial wheeled tractors like the CAT 586C, Barko 930B & 937, Tigercat M726E, and John Deere 843, 643.

Our brush cutter attachments will give you an edge to your site prep tractor and your overall construction process. These attachments will become a great addition to your arsenal of heavy equipment due to their advanced features and capabilities.

Brush Wolf
Attachments for
Site Prep Tractors

We are the leader in high-performance brush cutters designed for heavy equipment. Our attachments will allow your tractor to cover more ground. Built specifically to handle huge shrubs and trees, these cutters will expedite site prep to help you save time and costs. Brush cutting is even faster than mulching.

And to protect your investment from operating pressure fluctuations, we added a pressure relief system and integrated case drain. A technician is provided for set-up at the customer’s preferred location.

If you’re on the fence between this and a mulcher like I was, I can vouch that THIS BAD BOY PULLS DOUBLE DUTY. Mows grass, takes down trees, brush and anything else you put in front of checks a lot of boxes and acts like a SWISS ARMY KNIFE OF LAND CLEARING.

– GEM1N1 via YouTube

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