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Excavators & Backhoes

Transform your excavating equipment into the ultimate tree-eating machine. These fierce rotary cutters demolish severe overgrowth instantly—even in the most challenging places.

For the hard-to-reach Areas

Let’s cut your workload in half and rip through dense overgrowth along fence lines, buildings, and steep ditches. Simply hit the hydraulic switch, feel the power, and let the brush cutter do the work. Built tough to tackle any situation, our bush hogs pay for themselves in no time.

Snap through brush quickly and level up your brush-cutting game.

  • Selectively cuts tree limbs, overhangs, and trees and clears broad areas with little effort
  • Fully boxed, continuously welded deck and frame—no one beats our structural integrity
  • Heat-treated, tempered steel blades to chew through the thickest vegetation
  • Added pressure relief valves reduce pressure spikes and damage to the motor
  • Exclusive reinforced “pilot guard” plate for incomparable operator safety
  • Larger high-flow models include an integrated case drain to reduce pressure fluctuations

Choose Your Duty Rating

3600X | 4200X | 4800X

Cutting Width:  36″, 42”, 48”
Weight:  550-860 lbs
Hydraulic Flow:  8-40 GPM
Tip Speed:  6,500-18,400 ft/mn
Max Cutting Diameter:  3-5”

Our first-generation rotary cutters for mini and mid-size excavators/backhoes. This design has seen years of customer-cutting experience and has survived years of abuse. Easy to own and maintain.

  • Pilot guard safety plate to protect the operator
  • Geroler-style hydraulic motor with a right-angle gearbox
  • Fixed chain curtains on both sides
  • Two heavy-duty blades
42X | 48X

Cutting Width:  42” or 48”
Weight:  750-800 lbs
Hydraulic Flow:  14-37 GPM
Tip Speed:  8,600-16,300 ft/mn
Max Cutting Diameter:  4-6”

The next-gen rotary brush cutters are the same size for mini and mid-size excavators/backhoes but have more cutting power and flexibility to accommodate different cutting styles.

  • Pilot guard safety plate to protect the operator
  • Direct-drive piston motor and robust bearing housing
  • Optional, removable chain curtains
  • Two heavy-duty updraft blades
  • Hinged, vented hood for motor protection
  • Hydraulic relief block and integrated case drain
60X | 72X

Cutting Width:  60” or 72”
Weight:  1,940-2,330 lbs
Hydraulic Flow:  20-45 GPM
Tip Speed:  9,500-168000 ft/mn
Max Cutting Diameter:  10”

Same structure and drive components as the heavy-duty series but sized for large excavators/backhoes. An upgraded blade carrier system is available to really beef things up.

  • Pilot guard safety plate to protect the operator
  • Direct-drive piston motor and robust bearing housing
  • Optional, removable chain curtains
  • Three industrial-strength non-updraft drop blades or four Hardox® 500 non-updraft flat blades
  • Hinged, vented hood for motor protection
  • Hydraulic relief block and integrated case drain
  • Standard 1’’ grade-50 disc blade carrier system or upgraded two-piece proprietary blade carrier system

Often imitated
but never duplicated.

Built tough, built for a lifetime

  • More structurally sound decks made from one piece thick steel
  • Added reinforced gussets and bracing for increased strength
  • Continuously welded deck for superior durability
  • Powder-coated finish for ultimate durability

Easy to own and operate

  • Plug & play ready on delivery
  • Hydraulic hoses, quick-connect couplers, and dust caps included
  • Easy blade access for quick blade changes
  • Parts are always available at or by calling 877-390-9857

Long-lasting blades

  • High-tempered, industrial-strength blades
  • Updraft lifts and mulches for a cleaner cut
  • Non-updraft cuts material quicker
  • Ultra-smooth blade carrier is CNC-balanced

Powerful motors

  • Standard-Duty cutters are built with the reliable Geroler-style hydraulic motor with a right-angle gearbox
  • Heavy-Duty cutters come with a more powerful radial piston motor and robust bearing housing

USA made, focused on community

  • Everything is designed, engineered, and built under one roof here in the USA
  • We support our local community through philanthropy and volunteering
  • We’re proud to partner with local colleges and mentorship programs to help build our industry’s workforce

Best warranty on the market

  • 5-year limited warranty on the cutter’s structural components, materials, and weldment
  • 1.5-year limited warranty on the hydraulic motor, gearbox, bearing housing, and cylinders

Ultimate cutter protection

  • Advanced pressure relief motor protection controls pressure spikes
  • Grade 2 shear bolt saves the motor from impacts
  • Higher flow models include case drains to reduce pressure fluctuations
  • Welded collar around the gearbox seal protects it from damage
  • Special protective wrap encases hydraulic lines for safety
  • Added dust caps ensure longer motor life by decreasing possible line contamination
  • Protective hoods or guards have been added to most models to shield the motor

Expect More
from Your Hydraulic Rotary
Brush Cutter

Whether you call it a rotary cutter, brush mower, brush hog, or bush hog, Brush Wolf makes the right rotary cutter for you. All our hydraulic rotary brush cutters are proudly designed, fabricated, powder coated, assembled in the USA, and backed by our industry-leading limited warranty.

Our X-Series cutters are perfect for clearing large areas and selective cutting, especially along fence lines, ditches, hillsides, tree lines, riverbanks, lakeside, and around ponds. Reclaim your land, maintain trails, create fire breaks, and quickly provide right-of-way clearing. By attaching your excavator or backhoe to a rotary cutter, you can clear land on uneven terrain, in tight corners, and in challenging locations.

Add versatility to your excavators or backhoes with cutter attachments from Brush Wolf. We strive to lead the pack with our products designed to increase the versatility and productivity of your equipment.

Best Brush Cutter
Attachments for
Excavators or Backhoes

When you demand the best, Brush Wolf is the manufacturer with the most experience in making rotary cutters for your excavating equipment. The variety of features makes Brush Wolf brush cutter attachments perfect for excavators and backhoes. Choose your motor type. Choice a cutter with a chain curtain or without. Your cutter will be custom to your cutting needs.

The chain curtains help reduce debris discharge which is especially helpful when cutting near roadsides or buildings. Remove the chain curtains to expose the blades and aggressively destroy brush on impact.

Each Brush Wolf brush cutter comes standard with hydraulic hoses, quick-connect couplers, and dust caps so you can simply “plug and play”.


I’m really satisfied with the 48X XP itself and the service. Thanks again for everything you’ve done for me.

– Raygan Stroupe
Ripley, Miss.
48X XP Owner

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