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Open Front / Heavy-Duty Series


Duty Rating Heavy-Duty
Cutting Width 66", 72", or 78"
Hydraulic Flow Range 10-40 GPM
Max Cutting Diameter up to 3", up to 4", up to 5"
Motor Style Geroler-style hydraulic motor; right-angle gearbox

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Let’s turn grueling work into a walk in the park. Our open-front cutters thrive in harsh environments thanks to the exposed high-tempered steel blades that blast through brush up to 5″ thick. The unique open front design lets you selectively cut vegetation before deck contact and then discharge the debris quickly to accelerate your job completions. The field-proven combination of the easy-to-maintain hydraulic motor and 65HP right-angle gearbox speeds up the rotation to achieve the highest torque possible while maintaining a proven tip speed. These cutters will make quick work of your tough clearing jobs.

Model Options

Models 6601 LF 6601 SF 7201 LF 7201 SF 7201 HF 7801 SF 7801 HF
  Low Flow Standard Flow Low Flow Standard Flow High Flow Standard Flow High Flow
Starting MSRP*
Cutting Width 66 in 66 in 72 in 72 in 72 in 78 in 78 in
Hydraulic Flow Range 10-15 GPM 16-25 GPM 15-20 GPM 21-25 GPM 26-40 GPM 20-25 GPM 26-40 GPM
Max Cutting Diameter 3 in 4 in 3 in 4 in 5 in 4 in 5 in
Tip Speed 8,000-12,000 ft/min 11,200-17,500 ft/min 13,000-17,400 (ft/min) 13,000-17,400 (ft/min) 11,500-17,600 ft/min 15,000-17,800 ft/min 12,500-19,200 ft/min
Overall Width 67.75 in 67.75 in 73.75 in 73.75 in 73.75 in 79.75 in 79.75 in
Overall Length 78.25 in 78.25 in 84.25 in 84.25 in 84.25 in 90.25 in 90.25 in
Weight 1,124 lbs 1,124 lbs 1,220 lbs 1,220 lbs 1,270 lbs 1,310 lbs 1,390 lbs
Open front Heavy-duty-blade-carrier

Number of Blades

(2) 0.5 x 4 in; non-updraft

Blade Type

High-tempered non-updraft steel blades to cut and discharge material quickly.

Blade Carrier

5/16" GRD-50 spun-formed pan.
All Brush Wolf blade carriers are CNC balanced for ultra-smooth operation.

Drop blade

Long-Lasting Blades

The Brush Wolf industrial-strength drop-down blades are heat treated, have a milled edge, and are Supertuf coated to stand the test of time.


Premium Hydraulic Motor

We paired the top-of-the-line Eaton® Geroler-style hydraulic motor with the most dependable right-angle Omni® gearbox to achieve maximum torque and ideal blade tip speed. This easy-to-maintain and tried-and-true pairing will survive the years of abuse it will see in the field.

Brush cutters with Eaton hydraulic motorOmniGear

Motor Protection

Pressure Relief Valves: Added pressure relief valves safeguard your motor from pressure spikes and allow for a faster shutdown.

Grade-2 Shear Bolt: protects the gearbox and driveline from damage.


Gearbox Seal Protection

A welded seal guard collar prevents wire, twine, and vegetation from wrapping around and damaging the gearbox.


Ultra-Rugged Deck Frame

Here’s why our brush cutters last for life. We build each deck frame from a single piece of formed 1/4" thick heavy-duty steel, never pieced together. This means our frames are consistently better made and more durable, with the elimination of construction errors and frame failure. One-piece frames will always provide superior strength.

Clean deck design

Clean Deck Design

Our one-piece deck frame construction creates a “clean deck” design that allows material to glide off, preventing unwanted debris buildup. (Think less mess and easier to clean.)


Seam Welding

Unlike our competitors, Brush Wolf’s deck and frame construction is fully boxed and continuously welded across each seam for an indestructible, rust-proof support structure.

Boxed-in gusset

Reinforced Gussets

We went above and beyond to make sure our cutters are crazy strong by adding boxed-in gusset reinforcements, extra bracing, and supports.

Powder coating cutters

Powder-Coated Tough

Protected with the most durable finishing process, we powder coat every part to minimize rust, resist scratches, and prevent fading, so you get more life out of your brush cutter.

Brush cutters power coated tough

Push Bar

Let’s help “feed” the cutter with a welded push bar to knock down taller vegetation and trees and enhance the cutting capabilities.


Slotted Front Shield

Slotted front shield provides increased visibility while protecting the operator from debris.


Stump Jumper

These 5/16" spun-formed pans allow the cutter to glide over stumps, roots, and rocks that may dull, chip, or damage your blades.

Blade Access Cover

Blade Access Cover

Easy access to the blade bolts for quick blade replacement.

Couplers and dust caps

Plug + Play Ready

Everything is ready to go upon delivery with the included quick-connect couplers, 78" hydraulic hoses encased in protective wrap, and dust caps to prevent line contamination.

Chain Curtain

Chains hanging from the rear of the cutter prevent debris from being discharged.


12-gauge steel motor guard protects from damaging impacts. Hinged for easy motor access.

Lift Limit Chain

A lift limit chain has been added for your safety, which prevents the cutter from being lifting too high.

Safety Steps

Enhancing safety is our thing, so we added two non-slip, serrated metal steps for easy in and out.

Universal Quick Attach System

Time is money, so we made sure our cutters attach quickly to your machine by using the industry-standard Quick Attach system. It will only take seconds to attach/detach your machine with our universal pick-up plate.

Choose color

Choose Your Color

Black, yellow, or make it your own custom color.

Parts available

Parts Always Available

Brush Wolf only uses well-known industry-leading parts and components that are—and will always be—available to order 24/7 at or by calling 877-390-9857.

PSI cont./int.3,000/3,500
Deck Thickness1/4 in
Motor/Gearbox CouplerMachined steel
Motor ProtectionPressure relief valves, GRD-2 shear bolt
Blade Carrier5/16" GRD-50 spun-formed pan
Blade RotationCounterclockwise
Blades (2) 0.5 x 4 in; non-updraft
Hood12-ga hinged, motor guard
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