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    The following protocol was followed with the purchaser of the Brush Wolf equipment: A copy of the Owner/Operator manual has been provided to the purchaser.

Warranty Information

Cross-Tech Manufacturing, Inc. limits it warranty to the gearbox, bearing housing and cylinders for a period of one (1) year, the hydraulic motor has an 18 month warranty from the original date of sale with a warranty registration on file. A three (3) year warranty is included on the structural steel on all excavator, backhoes, and heavy duty skid steer models from the date of sale. 

A Warranty Registration Form for this equipment must be on file within thirty (30) days of the purchase date in order for warranty claims to be valid. If a defect in a Cross-Tech Manufacturing product is discovered during the applicable warranty period, Cross-Tech will repair or replace, at its option the motor, gearbox or defective part. Cross-Tech Manufacturing, Inc. purchased components are subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty.

The Equipment owner is responsible for proper maintenance. If the product is not maintained, all warranties by Cross-Tech Manufacturing will be null and void. Any modification to the product other than those made by Cross-Tech Manufacturing will cause this warranty to be void; including any modification or disassembly of motors, gearbox, bearing housing, cylinders, etc.

This warranty does not extend to repairs, adjustments, or replacement of a Cross-Tech product or part that results from misuse, negligence, alteration, modification tampering, improper maintenance or improper operation of the product. Claims submitted must be legible and in good condition. Cross-Tech does not cover service mileage, downtime or replacement of the attachment.

If a problem arises during the warranty period contact your local dealer.  The warranty is null and void if the product is modified or repaired without written consent from Cross-Tech Manufacturing. Cross-Tech units used in rental fleets are covered with a ninety (90) day warranty on the hydraulic motor, gearbox, bearing housing, cylinders and structural steel with a valid warranty registration on file within thirty (30) days of the purchase date.

To file a warranty claim, please contact your dealer or contact Cross-Tech Manufacturing.

Manufactured by Cross-Tech Manufacturing

ISO 9001 Certified