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Heavy-duty 7200 closed front cutter

Closed Front

More mulching means a cleaner cut.

Our closed front rotary cutters are powered by a Geroler-style hydraulic motor that is paired with a right-angle gearbox. A grade-2 shear bolt saves the motor from impacts, and a pressure relief system prevents pressure spikes. This simplistic design offers low-cost ownership and easy maintenance for years to come.

The added chain curtains in front and back hold the debris in longer for more chopping activity, thus creating smaller, easier-to-manage leftover debris.

If you’re looking for a cleaner cut that leaves a totally killer finish, go for the closed front brush cutter. It’s like the fashionista of brush cutters if that was a thing.

Closed front benefits:

  • Better for mulching
  • Safer as debris doesn’t fly out of the cutter
  • Results in a cleaner finish
  • Leaves less, and more manageable amount of debris left over
  • Gives a more consistent cut

Choose Your Series


Cutting Width:  48”
Hydraulic Flow:  8-25 GPM
Tip Speed:  7,500-18,400 ft/mn
Max Cutting Diameter:  up to 4”

6000 | 6600 | 7200 | 7800

Cutting Width:  60”, 66”, 72″, 78″
Hydraulic Flow:  10-40 GPM
Tip Speed:  8,000-19,200 ft/mn
Max Cutting Diameter:  up to 5”


Cutting Width:  90”
Hydraulic Flow:  20-40 GPM
Tip Speed:  9,600-17,800 ft/mn
Max Cutting Diameter:  up to 5”

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